Restoring Your Furniture
At Thomas Norris Restorations we don't just buy, restore and sell furniture for profit. We also help individuals restore their new-to-them or beloved family furniture to give it a new lease of life to survive another generation.
So whether your grandchildren have scrawled on your kitchen table...
Son has placed a hot pan on your dining table...
Dog has chased the cat onto the sideboard...
Or guest has failed to use a coaster on the coffee table...
We're here to let furniture live a thousand lives.
Environmental restorations
We try to keep our restorations as clean, sustainable and safe for children and pets as possible. The oils, lacquers and waxes used are, where possible, naturally based products with limited impact and we do not use aerosol sprays. All our wire wool is reused and then turned into firelighters and our sandpaper, once used is composted. All of our furniture is recycled, reused and repurposed - indeed our workshop is constructed from a second-hand salvaged kitchen. We only use natural beeswax polish. Our beehives niw produce wax for our own natural beeswax polish on site. 
Check out some of our restoration projects and videos below to inspire you.
Our 'Find It' Service
Looking for a particular item? 
Need a specific finish?
Thomas Norris Restoration's 'Find It' Service helps you acquire the item you are looking for and restore it within your budget.
You give us a brief,
We give you a quote,
You pay a 10% deposit*
and we do the hard bit...
We keep you fully updated throughout the process and if you change your mind there is no further cost. 
We can provide the item of your dreams with the finish you need or the cushions you want. 
*returnable after 6 months if we are unable to meet your specifications
Thomas Norris Restorations, initially supported by The Princes Trust Enterprise Program
Thomas Norris Restorations, 7 Elmside Close, Exeter, EX4 6LP 07584 994 061
Images copyright Thomas Norris Restorations and James Dale Photography
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