About us
Thomas Norris Restorations is an Exeter based furniture restorer specialising in Vintage/Retro, Mid-Century Modern and Classic furniture design. The business is run by restorer, Harriet Thomas who adores Ercol and Staples Ladderax furniture.
We buy from private sellers, dealers
or house clearances and restore or
repurpose predominantly wooden
furniture to its original state before
selling to private collectors,
home-makers and interior designers.
The business is named after Harriet's great-grandfather, Tom Norris, a decorator of Odd Down, Bath where that side of the family still reside.
Harriet Thomas, Restorer
Ercolite, model, mascot and general dogsbody

I’m Harriet, a thirty year old graduate who has many years experience as a hobbiest home restorer.


I'm excited to present this new  venture. I have a passion for what I do and have loved turn what was once a hobby into a business.


When I was 17, I bought my first car, a 1964 Morris Minor Saloon in Trafalgar Blue. She too came from Bath and so was christened ‘Norris the Morris’ and is an ongoing restoration. She was the beginning of my interest in vintage/classic/retro and restoration.

I inherited my love of wood from my Grandpa Richard, an engineer and hobbiest wood turner, beekeeper and goldsmith. The smell of beeswax polish in the morning reminds me of sitting in his workshop watching him turn all manner of things out of any piece of wood, admiring the grain, tones and textures.

My passion for Mid-Century modern furniture and design was sparked when I inherited my grandmothers Ercol studio couch, pair of 477 chairs and the Staples Ladderax unit from my fathers childhood bedroom, all of which were lovingly restored for my first home.

I now live in a sympathetically modernised 1930's house which I lovingly restored with my Dad, it is filled with 1930's, 1950's and 1960's items which blend together wonderfully.


Lucky is a Blue Cross rescue border collie.  Lucky's love of Ercol spreads from his favourite spot on the Ercol Studio Couch to his perch on the 477 to watch for the postman through the window. He'll even settle himself on the footstool if it means he can be in the centre of attention.

Harriet's great passion before furniture was her classic 1964 Morris Minor Saloon, named for her Bath family where the car came from 'Norris the Morris' which began her interest in vintage/classic/retro and restoration.
Thomas Norris Restorations, initially supported by The Princes Trust Enterprise Program
Thomas Norris Restorations, 7 Elmside Close, Exeter, EX4 6LP 07584 994 061 harriet@thomasnorrisrestorations.co.uk
Images copyright Thomas Norris Restorations and James Dale Photography
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