We are excited to have this rare piece available. Not in the online Ercol Archive, not in Lesley Jacksons ‘Ercol: Furniture in the Making’, even Stage One Upholstery had not seen one and had no template. We had to go direct to Ercol to get an ID.


This three seater screams Ercol. It has all the iconic elements, those Cowhorn arms and the sculpted back with Chairmaker detailing. The solid Windsor frame and the signature loop and dowel Pirelli webbing. All with the Latimer and Bow styling.


Frame only, happy to supply existing second hand upholstery for use as templates.


This unusual piece had a very short production run from 1971-1972, even rarer as a three-seater.


Dimensions:  165cm wide x 75cm deep x 75cm high


Photos courtesy of K Baker Photography

Ercol Windsor (541/3) Three-Seater Cowcatcher Settee, Light Finish