Straight sided frame with convex ends, base cushion on rubber webbing. An addition that makes the 203 or 501 chair into a chaise lounge. Fitted with foam filled cushion on fabric reinforced rubber suspension. It is a very comfortable stool in its own right and fits with a variety of chair models.


This item was in production between 1954 and 1985.


Frame only, upholstery available to order.

Dimensions: 20” wide x 27.5” deep x 13.5” high or 51cm wide x 70cm deep x 38cm high.  

Ercol Windsor (341) Footstool, Light Finish

  • At Thomas Norris we try not to 'over restore', our furniture has 'lived' and we like to show that. All our repairs are purposefully left visible although subtle in colour so buyers know what they are getting. We use traditional techniques and finishes to maintain as close to the Ercol finish as possible - these items are purposefully not restored to 'as new factory finish'. We leave undersides of flat surfaces in original finish and condition to allow buyers to see how they have lived.