To spindle or not to spindle?

Updated: Jun 8

Customers struggle to decide - back cushion or exposed spindles? Comfort vs. Elegance?

Ercol 335 Easy Chair in Duck Egg Upholstery
Ercol 334 Easy Chair

This got us thinking, we manage both at home, but traditional room layouts with all the furniture at the edges, back to wall with a big space in the middle excludes this option. Does this layout really work for you? Unless you need space to dance the answer is probably no. Yet most homes seem to stick to this convention, a central space or a central coffee table, even worse often all the chairs face the television.

Lisa explained the need for space for the grandkids to play in her lounge, so having a large central coffee table which can be whipped out the way when they come can be really practical. We love how she has used a rotating chair to move the focus away from the TV to the central socialising area and making the fireplace the focal point.

Central Ercol Coffee Table
Central coffee table can be moved to create space

You don't need a special chair to do this, the wonder of mid-century furniture (especially Ercol) is it is light enough to lift and move when convenient - your room does not have to stay static!

Ercol Sideboard, Ercol Studio Couch, Ercol Chair and Footstool, Ercol Coffee Table
Furniture directs the eye away from the TV

Mel has used furniture to direct the focus away from the TV and back into the social space really does work - here the addition of a footstool makes a huge difference, and that canny coffee table side on!

Sometimes there needs to be space for the dog
Sidney points out there needs to be space for the dog!

So why not try something different with your room? Often a change is just as good as redecorating!

Ercol loveseat
Using light to emphasise clean lines and shapes

Hazel has used light to emphasise the spindles of the loveseat in her window. We've also seen this work really well with the shadows produced by furniture's sculptural shapes.

Ercol 477 Chair and Footstool
Ercol angles

Lucky loves to sit in the bay window and enjoy the sun. He's taken to nudging it round to follow the light - that way we get to enjoy it at every angle.

Creating a 'book nook' either behind furniture, here it was to show off the studio couch's back board (it was very narrow but enough for a beanbag).

Book nook, Ercol Studio Couch, Ercol Coffee Table with Magazine Rack
Ercol Booknook

Alternatively, make it the centrepiece in an open plan space.

Ercol centrepiece, Ercol Tea Trolley, Ercol Studio Couch, Ercol Two Seater Settee, Ercol 415 High Back Easy Chair, Ercol Sappho Coffee Table
Show-stopping centrepiece furniture

Or turning the chair away from the room shows off the spindles whilst saying 'leave me alone to read' like my current favourite spot. Think about the angles you see it from - the couch, the doorway, through the window...

Ercol 477 Spindles
Show off your spindles!

We often move our furniture at different times of day or for different activities - it's light and only takes a second, focusing in on the TV for a night of retro videogaming - just slide it back into place for the morning.

Ercol video gaming layout
Ercol Gaming Layout

Using end tables (we love pebbles at home) allow you to break free from the central coffee table convention, plus you can place them where everyone can reach one - no more OOPS coffee cup spills.

Ercol end tables, Ercol pebble nest of tables, Ercol studio couch, Ercol Double Bow Back Easy Chair
Scatter your Ercol tables

Enjoy all the angles of your furniture and maximise space and functionality. Most emportantly enjoy your room! Please share your rooms and your tips with us.

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